A Dream

One day, Sam was tired of the day’s activities and decided to rest his spines and veins. He did not know when he fell asleep and fell into a dream.

In the dream, he had gone to a new village and the chief was holding a staff of authority and making a declaration. All girls were to be transformed into animals when they reached 18 years. As a result, these young girls were sent into the forest until they turned back into human beings.

It happened that one day, he walked into the forest hunting for his dinner. A green girl walked up to him. She said she was hungry. As a result, Sam was astonished at this creature, but he did not hesitate to share what he had with the girl.

However, as fate would have it, Sam fell in love with her.

She couldn't speak and so, she could only moan groan like a puppy, as he forcefully yanked off what was remaining of her cloth and. “Huhhh….urggghhhh,” she moaned, slightly shading the animal world back and forth in what looked like a combination of a groan and bark. He had been surprised a half animal and half human could harbor all the feelings a human had.

She continued with the sound, while extending her fingers down his dick in the most severe of manners. She couldn’t communicate, but with the signs she gave, Sam knew she wanted him to fuck her and she was steamy about it.

His dick was hard-rock erect and it did not take him so much time before he located that spot, below her belly button, between her tights. It was so wet that it easily slid, deep down, with the sensation that sent tremors down his and her spines. Their moan got even louder as they rolled violently from one end of the forest land to another.

“Huuuhhh...yeaa…..,” he moaned, as she gave what looked like groans and variety of sounds from a happy female dog and at some points, barked in the same way an excited puppy would. She had missed a dick ever since she turned 18, and she was enjoying it now. She liked Sam too and always looked at him from the corner of her eyes. But this time around, she did not care to open the eyes, lest the fun be evaporated.

She closed them tightly, opened her mouth and let any good vocal representation of what she felt, to rent the air. Under Sam’s deep thrusts and strokes, she remained green, naked and could only moan and groan under the erotic ecstasy she would never forget.

The night remained ever green in Sam’s heart and mind, as he felt the forceful liquid make movements from his brains, down through his nerves, causing a traffic jam and escaping like a volcano from his dick. Sam quaked uncontrollably, as she heard herself the loudest, at that time. They slept on each other’s arms the rest of the night.

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